Xray Xperiments Vol.2 (Limited Edition Remastered Double Vinyl) (XRAY 003)

XRAY 003

Xray Xperiments

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Ltd Edition Of 300

Double 12" Vinyl EP

DJ Friendly, cut at 45 RPM for best sound quality!


MPS is proud to be able to offer you Xray Xperiments Vol 2 (XRAY 003) as a Limited Edition Two Disc set for the best reproduction and your listening pleasure. Here's a quick breakdown of the tracks, why I like this record so much and a chance to hear it in full if unfamiliar:
I first came across this 6 track EP in Selecta-Disc, Northampton, it has been a treasured record in my collection ever since. On the Original issue the most popular track, "Take No Chance", was located last on the A side, the lowest sound quality part of any vinyl disc. Later, presumably for DJ's, a louder cut Remix Single of "Take No Chance" was issued. The track featured again on the compilation "Classic To The Core" but sourced from vinyl as Aphrodite, who compiled the collection, did not know who made the music so they could not be found.
After a long search, over several years I did find the original Artists and the DAT Tapes too. Carefully remastered by Bob Macc at Subvert Central Mastering the music sounds significantly better than ever before while retaining all the qualities that make this EP so essential. The tracks are all excellent and are as follows:
  1. "Intensity" uses that familiar nagging spoken word sample "It's The Point Of Greatest Intensity" used by Speedy J with sparse Detroit soaked rhythms.
  2. "Kick The Bass" is a personal favourite. Maddeningly good use of a simple vocal sample with a huge wobble your guts Bass Line and a catchy Belgian style catchy hoover riff.
  3. "Take No Chance" was the floor-filler on this EP. Big Breaks, Hoover Synths, a huge sped up Piano riff (lifted from an Italian House classic) and catchy female vocal cut up, (taken from a New York House record). All combining to full effect on any dancefloor.
  4. "Take Me Higher" is sublime Vocal Techno that never gets tired. The producer cannot remember where the vocal came from so feel free to tell us. We need to know in a nerdy kind of way so we can own a copy:)  A true classic and essential for any collector or underground DJ.
  5. "O.V.L.D" is classic wobbly British Techno that would sit well with anything Peacefrog did in the 80's/ 90's or bleepy UK Northern Techno..
  6. "Loony Toon II (Z Car Acid)" Finally but not least is the track that always makes me smile. Possibly the funniest, quirkiest and most twisted acid track of the era.

Check out the You Tube play list from our channel to hear the remastered Ep in full.