The Criminal Minds - Baptised By Dub (12

The Criminal Minds - Baptised By Dub (12" White Label Test Pressing)

TP 12 WYHS 008

TCM Recordings

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THE CRIMINAL MINDS "BAPTISED BY DUB" (WYHS 008) White Label Test Pressing an MPO Test Pressing Sleeve

Originally released on White House Records. Remastered from digital masters by Robert Macciochi with full restored cover done by myself. This EP should need no introduction to Ravers as often cited as an Anthem (whatever that means to you, to me that just means classic and good and still worth hearing any day again and again).

"Baptised By Dub" was originally on World Beat Records with "Virtual Reality" on the flip side and later licensed to White House Records with other tracks and the totally different but equally awesome Re Baptised By Dub by DJ Halo. This Ravers favourite has never been reissued on vinyl in its original 4 track form. it did make it to a White House Classics series but only Baptised By Dub and not the greatest quality.

According to DJ Spatts the DAT's were misplaced in the 90's and only unearthed again in 2014 when I searched the Warehouse. All CD licensed versions on compilations are allegedly a vinyl rip supplied by White House. These official DIGITAL remasters were issued to TCM Records as digital only. This is your first chance to get your hands on what will definitely be the best vinyl reproduction of this music since it's original release in 1992.

LAST but by far not the least important is that, according to the band, The Criminal Mind never saw a penny from all the shitty over compressed and vinyl rip sourced Compilation uses. By supporting this direct to fan only offer you will be playing a part in making good on all the frankly piss taking that has gone on with this music over the years.


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