Ortofon Concorde MK2 Club (Two Concorde Mk2 Club cartridges with pre installed styli, supplied in Flight case)



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As a reward to our Repeat Customers and Subscribers we are delighted to announce that we have negotiated a significant group buy discount on the latest Ortofon Concorde MK2 Club Carts

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Please note: The Carts will be delivered in September 2018

We are so impressed with the new Ortofon Concorde MK2 Club Cartridge, we wanted to find a way for our members to enjoy their records through these superb quality carts, without breaking the Bank. 

Ortofon Concorde Mk2 Club

The best sound quality achievable for traditional vinyl playback

The CLUB boasts the best specifications and best sound, making it an ideal choice for Club DJs in any environment: studio, broadcast or club. 

  • The CLUB features a Special-Elliptic stylus that allows for detailed sound quality: Special-Elliptic stylus fits better in the groove and therefore has more contact area with the groove itself, extracting more intricate details, than is possible with a spherical diamond.
  • The CLUB’s 8 mV output voltage requires less gain from the preamps, providing cleaner sound reproduction and less susceptibility to feedback in live environments.

The CLUB offers an outstanding platform for archival and sampling.

Output voltage at 1000Hz, 5cm/sec. - 8 mV
Channel balance at 1kHz - 1 dB
Channel separation at 1kHz - 25 dB
Channel separation at 15 kHz - 15 dB
Frequency range at -3dB - 20-20.000 Hz
Tracking ability at 315 Hz at recommmended tracking force - 100 μm
Compliance, dynamic lateral - 14 μm/m N
Stylus type - Spherical Elliptical r/R 13/25 μm
Tracking force range - 2 - 4 g
Tracking force recommended - 3 g
Cartridge weight - 18,5 g
Replacement stylus unit - CLUB