Killerhertz 1991 - LOVEBYTE EP (12" Vinyl EP)


16 Bit Recordings

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Music Preservation Society Present a 1991 Holy Grail.

This EP contains:

A1. Lovebyte (Original Mix) Previously unreleased

B1. Madness

B2. Innerstate

First heard on the now legendary Colin Faver Kiss FM Demodat spot in 1991, MPS Vinyl are excited to present previously unreleased tracks from the original Killerhertz. Colin played two tracks on his show in June ‘91, the first of which became the subject of very long and fruitless search on TuneID and Discogs. Chris Marwood aka Killerhertz was eventually hunted down only to confirm that there had never been a vinyl release of either. The first track, originally self titled as Killerhertz, morphed into a 2 completely different mixes which were later released on the Love Byte/Distant Dream EP in 1992 - the only recognisable thing being the melody. The second track, Madness, had never been followed up on at all.

To make matters worse, no DATs were in existence of either title. A metal cassette had been sent in to Colin’s show and that was used for the broadcast. Chris confirmed he had no backup cassettes of the originals, and music making was a long burned hobby…… or was it? Two lo-fi mp3s of the radio broadcast were doing the rounds on the internet and with a bit of poking and prodding, these spurred Killerhertz to start making music again.

After buying an original Yamaha SY22, gathering samples that made up the broadcast mixes, and another 9 year hiatus due to life stuff, the final remastered versions are in and sounding sweeter than ever. Having also plundered what cassettes and DATs still exist from 1991/92, another unreleased track was found ready to go. Inner State was recorded in studio to DAT as part of “The Enforcer/XXS” sessions and is included here, unabridged and unaltered