Force Mass Motion - The Stone Of The 5th Sun (4 x 12

Force Mass Motion - The Stone Of The 5th Sun (4 x 12" White Label Test Pressings)


Force Mass Motion Records

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4 Disc Test Pressing Set - 2 Sets Available

Force Mass Motion

The 5th Stone Of The Sun (Triple Vinyl Album) + Ltd Bonus 12"

Cut loud as a DJ Friendly and Includes Bonus EP containing unreleased tracks from 1992/3 by FMM


Originally released on Rabbit City Records as a CD collection taken from the first batch of EP's on Rabbit City. Remastered and offered by Mike Wells on his own FMM imprint. Definitely one of my all time favourites from 1992, Force Mass Motions early work was very distinctive. A sound that owed a lot to how Mike Wells sourced a lot of his sounds. Listening to and taping Kiss FM and sampling it. With a home built sound card his brother made an Amiga was the centre of the studio. All the music was mixed down through an old Broadcast desk using a few clever delay line tricks that give the music a lot of depth. Very distinctive, totally original the music was caned by all the DJ's.


Reach Up (Remix) 4:48
Annihilating 5:02
Take Me Higher 5:30
V.N.E. (Original) 5:27
I Dream Of You 5:21
Explosion 4:54
Collision Course 5:26
Jack Of Diamonds 5:17
Force Format 4:56
Panic 5:09
Vanishing Point 5:18

Album contains bonus 12th track "Miami Burnin'"

Plus the BONUS DISK!