Energy Zone - Raveology EP 12

Energy Zone - Raveology EP 12" White Label Test Pressing)


Rising High Records

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4 TRACK 12" White Label (MPO Test Pressing Label) Test Pressing in an MPO Outer Sleeve


This record was strictly limited to 300 copies

One Of Ten Test Pressings

Four floor fillers sourced from the Rising High Tape Archive of 880 Tapes and assorted sampler disks. We have lost count of how many Rising High titles we have restored in the last two years but it is over 250 and we are still only scratching the surface.

Two of these gems made it to the Rave compilation series, "Noise 3". The compilation tracks are that classic 1992 SL2 inspired sound that was so popular, using the same vocal sample as the Tango Project 1 Remixes "Original Rub-A-Dub-Style".

The unreleased tracks are a Belgian style hoover track that would of been at home on early KMS Records or R&S Records and a pounding  trippy Acid Techno banger. Check out the You Tube video play list as words do not do them justice.