Ron Wells


RonWellsJS (previously known as Jack Smooth) is often credited as the pioneer of Jungle Techno, and certainly an early architect of Drum and Bass, in particular the 'Intelligent' or 'Liquid' variant.

Ron is the creator of Sound Entity Studio which in the early 90's became a go-to facility for Dance Music producers.

During his career Ron has produced over 300 dance music records, spanning many genres. He usually focuses on creating his own chord structures and melodies using synthesizers, as opposed to relying on sampling the work of others.

His music embodies an electronic, ambient Techno signature with production standards that are recognisable as more 'polished' than typical underground dance music.

Ron Wells began his career at the age of 17 as a London Pirate Radio DJ in 1987 (Crystal, Medina & WLR), he then went on to form Wax Factory Productions in 1989.

Wax Factory was one of the first UK dance music labels to deal directly with record shops, by not having a distribution deal. In years to come, Wax factory would earn cult status as an underground UK House and Techno label. Many, to this day, believe that Ron's productions were from the USA, due to their authentic Techno sound.

In 1991 Ron created Sound Entity Recordings to concentrate on forming the Jungle Techno sound he is predominantly known for. Key artists on the label were Smooth But Hazzardous, Hedgehog Affair, Jack Smooth and 20 Hurts.

In 1992 Ron masterminded, co-wrote and produced Trip to Trumpton with Urban Hype, which became a top 6 Hit (UK National Charts). 

Throughout 1992 to 1994 Ron produced (and on most occasions co-wrote) releases 3-35 on Basement Records and he quickly took this unknown label to class leading status. Differences of opinion on how the label was being managed eventually saw the demise of the relationship. 

In 1993 Ron formed Smooth Recordings. He also founded Fast Floor Productions with Paul Clarke, where the two focused on adding more compositional structure to the Jungle Techno scene and further developing its transformation into Drum & Bass. In order to experiment further with Drum & Bass the two formed Earl Grey 1995 which was signed to MCA music publishing and Carl Cox's Ultimatum label. 

1996 DJ Dr S Gachet invited Ron to join him in producing a 2-hour mix for BBC Radio 1's One In The Jungle show, which was aired in December of that year. 

Ron has also co-owned Dance Nation Radio, which was broadcast Europe-wide on Euronet Sky Sports Audio Channel 6.

Responsible for the production of many classic UK Hardcore records throughout the early 90's, Ron's style of production is said to be instantly recognisable.

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