The Hypnotist - Hardcore You Know The Score 2019 (12" Vinyl EP)

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Rising High Records

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"Hardcore, You Know The Score"


Expected Release date 12th April 2019

After a chance find of a DAT tape containing the vocal session for the classic  “Hardcore You Know The Score” by The Hypnotist, this EP was specially commissioned.

Remixes are provided by DISINTEGRATOR, New York City based DJ/Producers Oliver Chesler and John Selway) and INNERCORE (Matt Teksteppa Wilkins).

The Digital release in 2019 will have more mixes but we decided to keep this EP as Hardcore and true to the spirit of Rising High Records back catalogue of the early 90's as possible

Also included is the classic Original Mix.

QUOTE: Caspar Pound “The More Nose Bleed The Better”

Expected Release date delayed to March 2019 due to manufacturing delay

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