Welcome to MPS Vinyl Classics, Crowd Funded Pre Order Vinyl Records

About MPS Vinyl Classics

Welcome. The Music Preservation Society (MPS Vinyl) is a platform for select Electronic Music Labels and Artists to Crowd Fund High Quality Vinyl Reissues of Rare Hard to Find Electronic Music and help to fund their new music projects. We also offer Pre Order Vinyl of select records from Distributors.

More Pre Orders will be available in April 2019 once we have clarity on Brexit. We need to be able to plan our manufacturing, shipping, postage & customs rates but for now all that is up in the air and the costs involved are unknown and impossible to predict.

In the case of No Deal we may have to move to using Distribution for European shops and stop selling direct outside the UK. We will update all customers once we know more!

In the meantime last remaining copies of all projects that have been delivered to date are still available Worldwide, at least until 29th March 2019

If a project is not funded within its stated time frame, a full refund will be given and the project will not go ahead.  Payment is required at the time of pre ordering and backers agree to wait for the project funding phase run its course (typically 30 days). 

Please read our FAQ  if in doubt

Remaining Copies (Limited while stocks available)